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procrastinating big time:

If you have over 40, you are spoiled.

Do you have:
(x) your own cell phone
(x) a television in your bedroom
(X) an iPod
( ) a photo printer
( ) your own phone line
( ) TiVo or a generic digital video recorder
(x) high-speed internet access (i.e., not dialup)
( ) a surround sound system in bedroom
( ) DVD player in bedroom
( ) at least a hundred DVDs
(x) a childfree bathroom
( ) your own in-house office
( ) a pool
( ) a guest house
( ) a game room
( ) a queen-size bed or larger
( ) a stocked bar
( ) a working dishwasher
( ) an icemaker
(x) a working washer and dryer
(x) more than 20 pairs of shoes
(x) at least ten things from a designer store
(x) expensive sunglasses
( ) framed original art (not lithographs or prints)
( ) Egyptian cotton sheets or towels
( ) a multi-speed bike
( ) a gym membership
(x)large exercise equipment at home
( ) your own set of golf clubs
( ) a pool table
( ) a tennis court
( ) local access to a lake, large pond, or the sea
( ) your own pair of skis
( ) enough camping gear for a weekend trip in an isolated area
( ) a boat
( ) a jet ski
( ) a neighborhood committee membership
( ) a beach house or a vacation house/cabin
(x) wealthy family members
(x) two or more family cars
( ) a walk-in closet or pantry
(x) a yard
( ) a hammock
( ) a personal trainer
(x) good credit
(x) expensive jewelry
( ) a designer bag that required being on a waiting list to get
(x) at least $100 cash in your possession
( ) more than two credit cards bearing your name
(x) a stock portfolio
(x) a passport
( ) a horse
(x) a trust fund (either for you or created by you)
(x) private medical insurance
( ) a college degree, and no outstanding student loans

Do you:
(x) shop for non-needed items for yourself (like clothes, jewelry, electronics) at least once a week
(x) do your regular grocery shopping at high-end or specialty stores
( ) pay someone else to clean your house, do dishes, or launder your clothes (not counting dry-cleaning)
(x) go on weekend mini-vacations
( ) send dinners back with every flaw
(x) wear perfume or cologne (not body spray)
(x) regularly get your hair styled or nails done in a salon
( ) have a job but don't need the money OR
(x) stay at home with little financial sacrifice
( ) pay someone else to cook your meals
( ) pay someone else to watch your children or walk your dogs
( ) regularly pay someone else to drive you
( ) expect a gift after you fight with your partner

Are you:
( ) an only child
( ) married/partnered to a wealthy person
( ) baffled/surprised when you don't get your way

Have you:
(x) been on a cruise
(x) traveled out of the country
( ) met a celebrity
(x) been to the Caribbean
(x) been to Europe
( ) been to Hawaii
(x) been to New York
( ) eaten at the space needle in Seattle
( ) been to the Mall of America
( ) been on the Eiffel tower in Paris
(x) been on the Statue of Liberty in New York
( ) moved more than three times because you wanted to
( ) dined with local political figures
( ) been to both the Atlantic coast and the Pacific coast
Did you:
( ) go to another country for your honeymoon
( ) hire a professional photographer for your wedding or party
( ) take riding or swimming lessons as a child(both actually)
( ) attend private school
( ) have a Sweet 16 birthday party thrown for you

haha only 32

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amazing. it's been over a year and so many things have changed.
Every post I write is pretty much that. "wow, i haven't written in so long." I don't know if it's whether I'm not good at writing, I get bored with it, or i'm lazy...or have nothing interesting to write on the internet. Of course things are going on in life, but putting it here for people to see...people I don't even know, or no one to read. it's doubtful anyone reads this.

i'm going into my senior year at au. i'm taking GREs and applying to entry level NP at Mass General. There are some other places I could, but that's where I belong. I've been shadowing at TNEMC and absolutely love it. It'd be nice if I could pick up some more Cantonese and then work in the asian clinic there.
It's pretty scary that i'm 21. yeah, I know a couple of years ago, that was 18, but seriously. I'm an adult now. It doesn't feel like it. I'm still waiting for my moment of enlightenment, or does that never happen.

I'm scared to go to school, but at the same time, there is almost nothing more that i want. It's just that it will go by so fast, and then it's all gone. High school all over again, except this was really fast and a lot more fun. I really don't know what I'll do without Krista. Yeah, we spend summers apart, but she's my backbone when I'm stressed...even if she doesn't like it.
The year will be super crazy between loads of courses and extra curr. things. I won't have Ian though. He's off in IL doing political stuff. We still keep in touch though. I saw him last weekend and it was different. Awkward at first, but we're working it out. Maybe things will be happy someday.

picture update i guess:

enjoy. =)


Well, been a while. I'm sleepy, but not tired enough for bed yet, so here I am.
Lots has gone down since I last updated. Let's see....
1) Dad and Patti got married
2) I went to China with John, Iris, & Aunt Sue to pick up Adam
3) I went to Ireland to see Ian <3
4) I watch Alasdair & Lachlan (and sometimes Nick & Will) 2 or 3 days a week
5) I'm going to the cape for family vacation this friday
6) bought a new car. 2002 subaru impreza 2.5 rs. I love it & have a HUGE crush on Toby, the salesman (he went to my highschool)-I pick it up tomorrow night
7).....I think that's it. I go back to school in a month. Ian is flying out here around Aug 18th to drive back with me. He'll stay here a night, and then we'll stay at his place a night.

Oh, Adam is in the hospital with a nasty infection from a giant scrape on his leg. I was there this morning with him. He went into the ER last night, and hopefully he'll get out tomorrow.

Other than that, nothing's new. I see Drew & Andrew & Patchi just about every day. My mother is still set on Drew and I marrying. Sweet deal.

Now i'm sleepy.

WILL YOU GUYS PLEASE LEAVE COMMMENTS? I know I don't post all that often...but my entries are so lonely.

ps- i dyed my hair black. I will post pictures once i am not lazy.

been a long time...

I don't know what to say, but then again, when do I?

I'm home from school. I passed all of my classes =D yes, even orgo. and by passed, i mean passed AND got credit for.
I suppose I haven't said anything about Ian. He is my boyfriend. He is the best. The other day was 3 months. so yay.
It's summer so I should probably be getting a job. I actually need to stop by the vet's office today and give him my resume. I went in on thurs and spoke to him...hope it's still ok.
My problem is that I'm going to China on the 31st until the 12th of June. Then i'm supposed to be going down the cape in teh end of July, and I'm going to want to go to Ireland to see Ian while he's there. Poo. How am i going to get a job if i am never around?

There are a lot of new things in my life right now. I don't know how to explain them.

time to go shower and start the day.

miss alfred.

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You want him to be not only the one who calls at 2am on a Friday night but you want him to be the one who calls at 2pm on a Wednesday just to see how your day is going and to say that he is thinking about you. You want him to be the one that you can crawl into bed with on a Tuesday night and watch a movie with. You want him to be the one to bake cookies for, the one who will always find a way to solve your boredom, and the one to stop over just to give you a kiss. The one who you can just sit around with and not have to do anything, the one to keep your feet warm in bed, and the one to say that he'll never let your head hit the bed without his hand behind it...you want it all.

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You Have A Type B+ Personality


You're a pro at going with the flow
You love to kick back and take in everything life has to offer
A total joy to be around, people crave your stability.

While you're totally laid back, you can have bouts of hyperactivity.
Get into a project you love, and you won't stop until it's done
You're passionate - just selective about your passions

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You are a drumstick.

Absolutely insane. That is how most would describe you. You aren't afraid to take risks, and enjoy putting yourself in strange situations. Most people hang out with you because of your hilarious sense of humour. You light up any bad situation, and can help all of your friends with their problems, except for your own. Because of this, you enjoy being around people like you. Many shut you out for your very weird, random personality, but honestly, you shouldn't care.

Most compatible with: Guitar, and another drumstick.

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I didn't like it, so I took it again. I mean, just as Fred says..."online quizzes are everything"

I got this:

You are a sock.

You are a cozy, fuzzy, warm-hearted person. A lot of your friends describe you as a hopeless romantic. You fall for the opposite sex very easily. But be careful, because usually you don't know what you are getting into, and because you are very sensitive, you can get hurt... especially in early relationships. Also, don't exclude the cold-hearted from your "want-list", because they just might be looking for a kind person to warm up their heart.... or a sock to warm up their feet.

Most compatible with: Toilet Paper.

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I suppose I'm somewhere in between, like a drumsock.


You're Perfect ^^
-Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which
means you're rare or that you cheated :P You're
the kind of chick that can hang out with your
boyfriend's friends and be silly. You don't
care about presents or about going to fancy
placed. Hell, just hang out. You're just happy
being around your boyfriend.

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
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and no, i didn't cheat

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Gooooooood morning!
It's just about 9 on Thursday morning.  I've realized that either my posts are interesting...or just plain boring.  I suck at writing.  Good thing it's nothing close to what I plan on doing with my life.
So, I'm up this early because I'm going with Mom to have the plates on my car changed.  It's officially being switched over to me and Kenz or something, so we need new ones.  Problem though, the back plate's bolts are rusted so badly that they won't come off...so, we're probably going to the gas station to have them do it. 
While we're over in that part of town, we'll probably go to Target too.  Not like I need to buy anything else.  I've been a bit ridiculous.  Let's see:
Banana Repub l/s shirt - $10
H&M PJ set - $13
H&M t-shirt - $14
Le Tigre zip up - $130
Steve Madden clogs - $50
AE Shower Wrap - $10

Those are from the other day...and yesterday I got my haircut which was another handful of money and then I proceeded to go to Bella's Closet and got stuff on sale: denim jacket (22), 3/4 shirt (13), skirt (19)...and then splurged on a super cute belt (90)

So, yeah...I suck.  I get things for a good price and then dive with others.  Yay.  I hope I marry someone rich ;)  I won't be making any money
that was awful to say.  haha.

Speaking of careers...I'm pulling a major switch again I think.  I'm leaning towards speech therapy, ergo childhood education.  See, I'd enjoy being a vet, but as creepy as it sounds, I'm already getting sad about the thought of not being around children.  Most of you know that I'm from a somewhat big family (look at the Christmas pic below), and being the 2nd oldest granddaughter, I'm constantly playing babysitter.  With Pediatrics (I can't spell), I feel like I'd be harming them too much.  Don't get me wrong, I don't spoil kids, they know their place...but doing needles with them kind of makes me cringe.  Plus, when erika got her stitches and I held her hand and watched, I then puked.  yum.

And on that note...I think this is enough.  No, really, this is just getting long and boring.  I'm like a goldfish.  I swim back and forth and by the time I get to the other side, I've forgotten what's behind me.  That's how I feel when I write.

I'll be back later

<3 I want to be in St. John's